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Dr. Harold LovelaceDR. HAROLD LOVELACE has researched the scriptures concerning the Ultimate Reconciliation of All Things.The information he has gathered has been published in a detailed softbound book (136 pages) with over 600 verses into more than 350 groups, printed out completely, with the Key Words emphasized, concordance numbers, references and comments. Some of the subjects in the book are: hell, lake of fire, brimstone, for ever and related words as: age/s, world/s, never, course and eternal which are not endless in meaning. Also much is written about the "outcome of the wicked" and "the restitution of all things" because God loves, forgives, and restores all and will be All in All.

Download the compiled list of scriptures pertaining to the Reconciliation of All which form the basis of his research with 600+ verses indicating the book, chapter and KeyWord/s ONLY. [The complete set is in the book] Also see Itinerary below.

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The grandson of a Methodist minister and the son of a Pentecostal minister, Dr. Harold Lovelace received his BTh and MTh Degrees in Biblical Studies from Florida Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Cornerstone University. He has also studied at Alabama Polytechnic Institute and the University of South Alabama. Dr. Lovelace has ministered in the US, Canada, Haiti and Mexico.


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I have read and I have searched; Dr. Lovelace's book has given me as much assistance in rediscovering these awesome and beautiful truths as anything I've read since coming into the realization of this broader hope of God's Inclusive and redemptive love!

Bishop Carlton Pearson
Tulsa, Oklahoma



The manifold wisdom of God needs to be declared with clarity and precision. This book provides specific tools to search out the Truths of God, bringing greater understanding of God's purpose and plan for the ages.

Terry Van Oort, MD
Ankeny, Iowa


Read and Search God's Plan proves that God is sovereign. The Prophets, Jesus Christ, and St. Paul all point to this truth. This book says it all!

R. Samuel Culvern, MD
Madison, Georgia



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